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Destination Specialist

I am happy to be here as your destination specialist (travel agent) for your travelling needs.  I would like to get you started on experiencing the best time of your life! Travelling is priceless and there is no better time than now to start. 
Vacations are meant to be stress free, but many people find that planning their own vacation in fact, can cause them additional stress! There are many options to consider when planning a vacation, so Indo Bleu Travel is here to help families, individuals and groups take out this pre-trip stress.
Indo Bleu Travel specializes in authentic, experiential and culturally immersive journeys and because sustainability has become an issue due to people travelling globally now more than ever, we provide responsible, eco-tourism friendly travel.  We provide local experiences that give back to communities which in turn leaves little footprint, so future generations may also have to opportunities to explore these destinations authenticity. So excursions often include stopping by local artisans shops and restaurants therefore, guaranteeing the money goes straight to the creator. 
Indo Bleu Travel provides small group guided and non-guided journeys as well as, FIT (foreign independent travel) trips. Foodies, Cultural Adventurers, golfers and knitters will be well suited with Indo Bleu Travel because these are our areas of expertise.  
Now a little bit about me.  I began my travel career over 20 years ago! My first memories of travel come from visiting western Europe.  Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France gave me the first glimpse of what my future would hold, but even before then I knew I would explore the far corners of the world.
I became a Certified Travel Agent after graduating from McConnell travel school in 1994.  A few years later I received my BOA at Northern Arizona University in International Relations, with a minor in Asian Studies.  SE and SW Asia were my focus.
I have lived, studied and traveled in Asia.  I have also had my adventures in Europe and the Middle East, but Asia is where I made my home for almost a decade. 
A few of my homes have been Japan, Taiwan, Jakarta, Indonesia, Bali and China.  I really enjoyed getting to know the locals in each country.  I ate street food on a daily basis, shopped the night markets and lived as a local.  I enjoy soft and hard adventure, ethnic foods and learning languages, which is probably why I have such a travel bug.  I love experiencing what the world has to offer, yet realize I leave a footprint where ever I go, so sustainable travel and giving back to the local community is my mindset.   
Experiencing diverse cultures which are comprised of language, food, religion and music, among a few others, have made my life joyful!  
My journey has been like no other and I love sharing my experiences. I hold some of the most memorable adventures of my life in Asia and the Middle East. I will help guide your curiosity to the destination of your desire. 
My destination expertise makes me a great resource for you. I understand if you have never traveled overseas where people don't speak the same language; however, I can provide professional guidance and safety using my knowledge and trusted suppliers.  I can also assist in making your vacation seamless, efficient and worth your time and money.
Keep travelling!

3-Day Stopover in Qatar 

"After a very tasteful breakfast, we met Saleh, our guide for a spectacular tour!! As you indicated, the staff at the hotel has taken very good care to be sure our needs are met. 

The suite is wonderful, and all the arrangements you made and your recommendations for us have worked out so well. Thank you so much!!!"                  ~ Margaret S., Newark, NJ

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