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Our passion is traveling! We believe in providing a personal touch beyond just making your reservations. As destination specialists, aka; travel agents, we have traveled extensively and have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we book for. We believe in making your travel arrangements hassle free and providing you with a story of your own..  Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

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Dead Sea Sunrise
Turkey - sustainable hotel
Prvate Boat
BBQ in Turkey
Private boat - Aegean Sea
Bodrum, Turkey R & R
Bodrum, Turkey - resort
Turkish arts and crafts
Kayseri - Cappodocia, Turkey
Picture Perfect - Cappodocia
Service with a smile
Turkish tea
Cappodocia, Turkey
Mosaic lanterns
Amman, Jordan
The Pearl-Qatar
Mar Saba Monastery
Olive tree in Taybeh, Palestine
Traditional Middle Eastern food
Another wonderful trip to Qatar and the Inland Sea (Al
Souq Waqif Parfum shop

South Pacific & the Caribbean

P2_01_BORA BORA_BORA BORA © Stéphane Ma


The Islands of Tahiti! 2021 is the time to visit these pristine waters and secluded beaches.  Eat the sweetest pineapple, visit a pearl farm, snorkel with whales, relax in an over-the-water bungalow with a glass bottom view! Stay in a luxury resort or a friendly Tahitian guesthouse.  Now is the time with re-opening special rates.  Stop dreaming about it and plan it instead!

Virgin Vogages - Caribbean, Europe,             




Turkey and India

The Middle East

Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Egypt


Turkey, also know as Asia Minor, sets on two continents!  Europe and Asia.  It's story is ancient and it's people diverse and if you love discovering new music, Turkey has Tarkan! Go ahead and google him.  As we always will say, when you travel you should travel with purpose and support the local communities and their way of life.  If you book your trip with us,  I will provide you that 

authentic,, connecting experience you are seeking in your travels.


Dreaming of India? Make it a reality.  First timers, visit the Golden Triangle, see the famous Taj Mahal, or sip Teh Tarik in the streets. like the locals.   Been to India before? Then it's time to head to Goa or Tamil Nadu for a wellness retreat or simply nature!.  Perhaps you want to search for the Bengali tiger  on a safari in central India? India has bustling cities, temples, forts and nature that most of unaware of.! Get ready to create some unforgettable memories and remember to send us a postcard!


Qatar sits on the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.  Doha, it's capital city is a world class wonder.  Once known for pearl diving, is now a major hub to stop and shop and explore it's natural and man-made wonders. A beautiful skyline at night lights up the corniche where many of it's residents gather to socialize and enjoy cooler nights.  It's waters are warm and glassy.  It's desert is an oasis of fun and adventure. Enjoy Qatar's museums and 1st class shopping and food.  

*Educational School Groups - Please contact me for your customized itinerary! Qatar Airway Flight, hotel, most meals, transfers, tours, and insurance will be included in your package.  

Unbelievable opportunity to view Doha fr

Ireland & Scotland

The Republic of Ireland

Knitting Tours and other Guided Tours



Authentic experiential journeys that sustain the local culture.  Bedouin experiences, home stays, Red Sea snorkeling and diving adventures.  Niles cruises, Dead Sea spa retreats, culinary trips and ancient ruin tours customized for you.  

Make some unforgettable memories with your family or friends!

palestine nablus lime mint_edited.jpg
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Ireland is a magical place filled with musicians and green fields galore.  We offer specialized itineraries for Knitting groups as well as golf groups, but if neither of these niches speak to you we also have itineraries for visiting all the wonderful places Ireland has to offer.


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